Request Directions atc command (ground)

Hello IFC

I have an Idea

So let’s say your controlling and an aircraft has never been to the airport that you are controlling before. Will use Dublin (EIDW) as an Example

So usually after the pushback you request taxi.

Usually it’s

Request Taxi → RWY 10L → send.

My idea is:
Request Taxi → RWY 10L → request Directions or send.

An Example

For example:
ATIS says 10L Departure 10R arrivals etc.

Shamrock 209 says: Dublin ground Shamrock 209 request Taxi to 10L Requesting Directions.

The Dublin ground will say:
Shamrock 209 taxi to 10L via… Etc. (drag and taxi feature)

Shamrock 209 reads back what Dublin ground says and follows the direction.

Do you have to make a route everytime

No. This is an existing feature. On the map you can press the airplane symbol and the options to taxi to the runway will show up and you can just press it and it will automatically set a route for the player to follow.

Hopefully this makes sense I will put pictures later probably

Thanks for reading.

Love this Idea but also a little off topic how did you make a vote i am planning on making a thing like this

Go to the “Features” category, then make a post there. And @Diskid, make sure to vote for your own feature request.

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i am going to DM you so we dont get his thing closed

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