„Request decent via STAR“ for Approach?

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the „Request decent via“ command. From what I read this is only working for Arrivals, but not for Approaches, is this correct?

And if this is correct I would like to bring an issue to the IFATC and Developer attention, as in some countries (e.g. in Germany), there are many airports where Arrivals aren’t really used but rather long approaches (so-called RNAV transitions). This means that you would normally not fly an STAR or Arrival, but rather an RNAV approach all the way through, which would probably need to be supported by IF as well.

Example from Stuttgart:
Only very few arrivals:

But many approaches which are also starting from far more away of the airport and can (and are) used all the way through:

I would love to hear you’re insights whether this is a valid concern or not.


i do not understand.

Have you read the whole thing as it should be explained there.

It’s basically about approaches, which in Germany are often longer and more common than arrivals (STARs). This means that the „Decent via STAR“ wouldn’t work at most German airports as you fly an arrival and not an (STAR) approach, if I understand it correctly.

I wanted to ask whether this is really how the new request works and if this is an actual issue I would like to bring this to the attention of IFATC/developers.


I see what you mean, yes in that case STARs are kind of unnecessary because the Approach Procedures are also quite long. And for the first Question you can only Request Descend via STAE not via Approach.

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They’re actually even longer and more diverse.

Ok, thank you for the reply! So this is a real issue as it seems, right?

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I would say that you just take one of the approaches and just don’t call “Request descent via E.G HUTLE1” but just call Normal approach instead. Hope this helps!!

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But the STAR request wouldn’t work and you couldn’t really request the arrival, right?

But thank you for the insights!

🤨🧐I see…I just wouldn’t request the star at all and take the normal approach calls as said earlier. Please give me more elaboration on this post if you need further explanations

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I understand, yes and this is really what I was thinking might cause issues when we have IFATC at German airports, as the new feature would basically be unusable. Thank you!

You are very welcome. Enjoy your time on expert (if you’re there) I just got on expert bout an hour ago so this advice I think would be pretty useful on expert

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I understood your problem too. Funny to see BADS2A here, the route which is used by the DHL A300 to wake me up in the night 👍🏼

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Thank you! Yeah, on expert since more than a year. Have a nice flight!

I agree that this is helpful. These so-called “extended arrivals/RNAVs” are called RNAV Transitions. They get you from the end of the STAR to the final approach. However, much of the time they aren’t used, and just a direct heading to the start of the ILS/GPS cone from the last fix of the STAR is used. Should this not be in features?


In this case (and many similar cases) they don’t, as they begin much earlier than the STARs.

I wanted to first get an idea whether this is an actual issue. It seems it is and it’s more of a problem with an existing feature than really a missing feature I think. But I considered creating a #features request as well.

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A STAR is an arrival procedure, not an approach procedure. Once at the end of the STAR or if there is no STAR, you will either be vectored (expect vectors) or allowed to follow your flight plan (expect vectors continue as filed).


I do understand, thank you, yes. But in Germany from what I understand/see (and tried to describe above), approaches are mostly used and not STARs. So with IFATC in Germany (most likely at some point) we couldn’t use the new tools at all, right?

You can if you are told to continue as filed.

Ok, I understand, thank you! Sorry for the annoying questions, but “decent via …“ wouldn’t be possible with just the approach, correct

Descend via is available on the Approach frequency, yes.

All right, thanks! But if you don’t have an arrival but just an approach in the FPL it isn’t, right (see the examples in the original post above)?