Request C-130 Informations

Hello all,

Is it possible to have informations about the C-130, I would like to know maximum passengers and maximum Cargo weight please.

Thanks ;-)


Thanks but I just would like to have the maximum operational weight and how many passenger on board (maximum)

The MLW and MTOW can be found in the Weight and Balance menu.


Or simply Google it. It isn’t that hard.


I know that but I haven’t bought it :/

Don’t worry I know Google, but FDS don’t use the same informations sometimes, that’s why I’m asking

Yes they do. :)

Here’s a quick guide that comes in handy :) Use it :D


No they don’t check please…[quote=“Mats_Edvin_Aaro, post:8, topic:83830”]
Here’s a quick guide that comes in handy :) Use it :D

We all know that, its not fun anymore

Yes they just updated it…

However, as far as they can they check the correct MTOW/MLW. Whatever you wanna fit within those specifications is up to you. You can fit troops, medevac personel, light armored veichles, supply drops - you name it!

Don’t forget that there’s many versions of the 130. For example the H is the Hercules, while the J is the Super Hercules. :)

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