Request ATC @ MKJS


Anyone able to give ATC service at MKJS in the next half an hour for 2/3 arrivals? Would be much appreciated!

Training Server

Hold on a second;
Are you saying that you will be the ATC controller, or are you saying that someone else needs to come and be the ATC controller?

Requesting someone be the ATC Controller :)

Sorry for misunderstanding - closed topic now as we’re close to destination now

If I were you, I’d remove the “{CLOSED}” part from the title. It makes it seem like this topic is a thread for you to post when you are open for ATC.
If you’d like this to be closed, I guess we’ll just wait for a mod to close it.

Hope the landing goes smoothly!

Ah okay! I’ll remove it and wait for a mod to close it down!

Cheers and sorry again!

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