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Hello IF community,

When you do a long flight on live, do you wish for an atc at your destination, maybe you just want a touch more realism. I suggest this.
Comment on this topic to request an atc.
For example, it should follow this format

Requesting an Atc

Airport: KASE
Time: 0000Z 10/8/17 MM/DD/YY
Preferable frequencies: Ground/Tower
And don’t forget to tag any Atc you know to get their attention.
ATCs who want to get involved, I suggest you track this thread to become notified of any requests.

Finally, I think this would be a really cool feature when global comes out, and could even be implemented into the game!

Regulars I put this topic in ATC but feel free to change it.


I feel safe in saying that this will not be implemented for the Expert Server. The TS controllers can do as they please, but as you can imagine, everyone requesting IFATC for every station along every global flight is just not feasible. At all.

Current-state, IFATC controls one region at a time.


I agree with Tim, its not going to work on Expert. But certainly a great idea for TS1


Good point. I would see it useful once Global is alive and regions will possibly disappear. I can imagine that on expert server we will be required to file Flight Plans as in real aviation with a proper time schedule, send a request and wait for confirmation from ATC organization about availability of stations.
Something similar to VatSim concept.


Expert ATC post-global will be following these rules, so it is unlikely that you’ll be requesting ATC on expert


I can do ground/tower and approach for anyone on training server. In fact I do quite regularly at KSAN.

Text me for contact information.

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We have a very talented ATC on our hands, a real blessing from the virtual gods sent to streamline communications at any airstrip with the stroke of a few keys and clicks of a mouse! @eruveo best of luck out there with all of imminent requests from the TS1 dream catchers ready for ATC at every region simultaneously. Are you IFATC?




No longer IFATC. I don’t like the way it’s ran. We need to educate new players about ATC and rules, if IF can’t come up with a design that does.

I’m on ground/tower and approach at KSAN TS1 quite often, and most players do follow instructions, when they see it actually works. Why can’t we have multiple regions? (They’ll be gone soon anyway) Doesn’t take that many people to cover a couple of airports. Now with global and hundreds of pilots, the game is evolving.


That well oiled machine is a B 😏


Well I’m truly sorry you feel that way but to each his own though. Some people don’t fit in to a distinguished regimen with a vision, guidelines and procedures. Best of luck on your conquest.

P.S.- next time send a PM regarding your perception of IFATC since they didn’t go out of their way to disseminate their opinion and evaluation of you while utilizing an open forum. Let’s keep it cordial.

Good Day,
Levet out✌🏼


Was just a reaction to your question and a sarcastic comment. Are you a distinguished member of the the IFATC?

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I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you in the team before…

That aside, there is a lot of thought and reasoning behind why we do what we do. It’s not as clear cut as “we can have multiple regions open at the same time,” etc.


This isn’t a bad idea at all. As Tim was saying “training server guys can do whatever they please” so I’d expect this idea to stick on that server only and still I wouldn’t nesscarily expect someone to be there as circumstances could change with the controller.

Moving on,

I wouldn’t go that far, but that is a discussion for a different topic.


We have an entire #tutorials category dedicated to this.


I’m willing and able to discuss further whenever your free. I’ve been apart of paramilitary organization for 17 years and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go because they don’t fit in well with a group of organized and tailored individuals. Not everyone is built for being apart of something bigger than them that has structure, codes of conduct and set expectations. That’s all that I’m saying. Hope you understand. Be safe out there Cap, Battalion Chief Levet out


You’re taking me way off topic. My point was, that I would like to see IF have a higher ratio of designers to developers. Something, that is clearly very low at the moment, as the game design doesn’t follow almost any of the basic design rules—for example, very relevant usability GUIDELINES (🇺🇸 for Captain America 🇺🇸). You started it.

For me as a designer, the forum and IFATC just aren’t enough.🚦It’s like reading the traffic rules, after you’ve driven a car for the last 3 months without knowing anything about driving. However, it is super useful if you are serious about IF, like all of us in this topic are. But the game mechanics don’t influence a good behaviour or following of the rules in the GAME, of those who simply don’t know, until a controller sends them “Check help pages”.

Tell me, how many people you think first watched and read all the #tutorials, trained offline for weeks, and then followed every instruction, when they started flying online ✈️ and learned everything about ATC, and passed the IFATC tests, so they can control the towers, without compromising others experience?

Well, I’m one of them. Just defending myself here against the distinguished knights and lords with no vision and guidelines that clearly don’t work perfectly in a PAID GAME (I’m talking about the server with 90% of the players, the one this topic is about, kinda relevant since they’re the ones financing IF, not talking about the forum anymore btw).

I love your passion for aviation and insults, but it would be so much more useful if you used it in KLAX TS1, instead of attacking those who actually do and try their best. I know Americans are very good at war and killing people, and not just in the US, but this is a peaceful game, so the argument is irrelevant for me.

❤️ Just gonna throw in this 22 year old design article for your inspiration:

PM me to request ATC on TS1.
Maybe time to start OpenIFATC @Alex_Kellagher? Public Slack group? I love your idea.

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For anyone interested join OpenIFATC Slack group:

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I can’t wait to get tagged 20 times a day, when the idea gets implemented 🙄🙄🙄


@eruveo I will end with this:

My response was good luck out there and get ready for all of the requests from people on TS1 wanting ATC. This was mentioned as a forewarning because there is something called “Span of Control” so when your resources are at whits end things can get very chaotic with irreversible effects. You and your future TS1 ATC staff may get overwhelmed at times so take this as a heed that the example you provided includes a free region that is unrealistically busy.

Funny how you typed up an elaborate response to my concern for non-conformists (really the lazy and unwilling) but you dodged the question above. I guess someone from your design staff infiltrated IFATC and couldn’t walk the line or blatantly disregarded their vision and theories. You stated that you are no longer IFATC, so is there any substance to this or is this just a spontaneous response of impersonation?

It is funny that you mentioned the need to educate the new players about ATC which I firmly support you in this effort. However, I like many other IF users and IFC members have been flying with this game since there was only 3 regions (SoCal, San Fran and Oshkosh) and when there was a time where you had to voluntarily complete multiple flying lessons in a Cessna 172. There will always be people out there that intentionally go against the grain or refuse to follow basic flight etiquette so the only way to get rid of them at the moment is a trip on the expert server and a the tap of a ghost button. There are plenty of tutorials and videos on youtube signifying good pilot behavior and demeanor readily available to the willing and able.

“Distinguished knights and lords” let me know where these folks are, must be in some sort of museum or at a medievil dinner and live show. Take a look at KLAX or KSFO once in a while and you will in fact see me on there accepting the challenge of corralling the wild mustangs with wings. Next, please provide factual data that proves that folks on TS1 are more of a paying customer than everyone else including myself. I pay the same subscription fees as everyone else. Since you linked an article regarding rules of thumb (we’ll call them recommendations I suppose) and you seem to have a dense background in design just let it be known, FDS, IFC, IFATC, IFVAFRB and so on have been pretty proactive if you asked me investing money, time, dedication with clear goals. Their speed in resolving and implementing certain things may not appease everyone but hey this game has been chugging along since April of 2011 with a vast amount of additions, improvements and enhancements. Sounds like a successful and accomplished conglomeration of designers, developers, moderators and end users. Take care



Thanks @Shawn_Coleman

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