Request: Airports missing in Northern Labrador Canada


I notice there are no airstrips on the north coast of Labrador in the game. The ones that are missing are: Nain CYDP, Natuashish CYNP, Hopedale CYHO, Cartwright CYCA, Makkovik CYFT.

I fly these routes regularly for my work and would love to see them in the game. They are small VFR strips only.


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Yello, sadly at this time we are unable to add airports that dont exist in the game. The software simply doesnt allow us. Maybe in the future!

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Thanks for your reply. I tried manually locating them and they are there!! But not developed!

In that case, if they are in game, then you can wait and at some point Im sure they’ll become 3D 😉

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Hello @Stoicgamer89,

You’re more than welcome to apply to the Airport Editing Team (if you haven’t yet), if you want to have your desired airports 3D! Another thing to have in mind, is that we generally don’t accept requests from the public, editors aren’t subject to edit specific airports. You can apply now, and eventually join us to have the chance to edit airports in Northern Labrador.

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Thanks for the reply. I have applied already.

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