Request AFK command to ATC

Hi all,
I was recently taking of from Mumbai on my way to London and as I was passing through 3000 feet, I had to do something and I requested a frequency change because I had to leave my device. The controller told me to stay on his frequency. Some of you may know that on Vatsim, you can ask the controller to go AFK and I think that would be very helpful for IF. If we are getting creative maybe you could request a certain amount of time. Probably would have to be on Expert only to prevent spamming.

Feedback welcomed!

This would be a nice feature since i go AFK a lot


If you have to leave then you should climb to a safe altitude or leave.


Yeah thats true,thats what i mostly do

Well I was climbing to 36,000 but I didn’t want to risk being reported for not responding to ATC commands

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You could utilise stand by or just end the flight if you can’t climb again. If you are on with approach request a departure.

This is due various stages of a flight not necessarily for your example because there isn’t much you can do there but end the flight or wait until you get the freq change command.

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If you have something that important to do than you shouldn’t be going AFK during one of the most critical phases of flight. Saving a few moments while you go rogue from piloting your aircraft defeats the whole purpose of flying.

If Infinite Flight were to implement something like this they would be taking several steps backward from the huge leaps and bounds they have made since their inception.

In closing, I’m strongly opposed and I think that there are better ways to handle situations like this. Other folks flying shouldn’t have to wonder where you’ve gone and this just opens up issues in which would be ghostable offenses as users would abuse this command.


But nobody can send you a command at 36,000.

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Going away from your device at a crucial moment during flight is definitely not the best time. If it is absolutely necessary, you could always just press the home screen and then come back to it when you can, or just end the flight. I understand where your suggestion comes in but real pilots don’t tell ATC they are going to go flirt with the flight attendants.
I can see where your feature comes in though but these are my 5 cents.

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If you really have to go AFK (and don’t want to be a nuisance to ATC) I just leave the app running in the background, then I resume it when I come back. You reconnect back to the server and can proceed as you would from where you left off.

I’ve done this many times! Once, I was about to begin an approach after a 10hour flight, but I had to leave for school, so I used this tactic and drove 40min to school, connected to school wifi, and finished the approach. It felt pretty clutch, but this will most likely depend on how much RAM your device has. I make sure IF is the only app running on my phone to do this.

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I don’t think that would be too realistic, pilots IRL also never go “AFK” during critical phases of the flight (takeoff and landing). I’d say, it could be implemented in some way, if Center frequencies were added though.