Request: Additional ATC commands for communication between Tower/Ground and Tower/Approach


I have two request for this topic, but I am just mentioning the first one in the title:

1-As an ATC it happens a lot to me that I am the tower or the approach and a plane is arriving and I send On-Guards to him to connect but they keep off. Now, I figured it is because an approach has popped up and he has taken over the planes approach without any real clue for me rather than just guessing (but this gets really hard to analyze when airport is busy). So, it is hard to tell, because he might be also on none of us frequencies, and just going bazooka! So, I need to know if he is on a channel or not (or at least wjhether one of us Tower/Approach is focusing on that plane). One solution that comes to my mind to solve the issue is to have an option-click on the airplane. So, just like how we press on an airplane and the drop down menu shows up for adding timer, etc. Now, we would also have the option of pinning them to our frequency. Now, it is ONLY for the approach (if you are the tower) to know you are asking approach to leave the airplane to you, and vice versa.

Now, the issue between Tower/Ground which is also shared with Tower/Approach is when you as the Tower has picked specific runways for take-off/landing but the Ground keeps directing the departures to one you do not confirm of or when the approach send the arrivals, again to a runway you do not clarify.

So, if the two ATCs can have some level of primary-primary communications, it would help a lot to give a better service as ATC. For example, as the Tower if I can click on the open end of the active runway (that I have picked), and if Ground and Approach can see that end in a different color or with an extra note near them or even on the screen somewhere so they can read which runways I have picked as the active ones, that also should resolve the issue.

2-The second issue happens to me when trying to set the camera angle/position somewhere useful when acting as Tower/Ground (say, at the beginning of runways_active runways) or at the major runway crossings (where runways intersect). Now, it was especially bothering a few days ago when there was snow in KJFK and visibility was almost zero and I needed to switch the camera from at the active runway to the taxiway to the other wrong-end of the active runway (as people were going there and I needed to see up close if they are following my back taxi commands and such); however, not only it is hard by nature to switch cameras in the free camera mode without losing time, but also it was snapping on/off from where I was putting the camera, or once I turned a bit the game took me to the original position and I had to start all over again walking with the camera through the airport. So, if we can also get some more pre-defined camera locations/angles it would really help the ATC (i mean it shouldn’t even be regarded as an option, it is really a necessity).

At least these were my thoughts which I thought shouldn’t be too hard to implement (especially the first one). So, let me know if it is possible to implement. Best…


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