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Almost 10 hours ig, but I love JFK-BCN on the B772

Whats the longest of any 777 flight ecxept the -F out of a 3d airport. (scheduled flights)
I am returning home from vacation soon and would love to do something fun :p

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Hong Kong to New York JFK takes 16+ hours sometimes on the Cathay Pacific B777-300ER.

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I’ve tried that-my flight sim either crashed or I overslept LOL
(failed 3 times)
I shall try again then!
Any other ones?

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Dubai to Rio is also a fun one on the Emirates B777-200LR.

Takes roughly 14-15 hours.

I’m not sure if this is one of the longest B777 flight, but you could try toronto to karachi using Pakistan International Airlines B777-200LR. It takes around 13h.

SIN-CDG on the Air France B777-300ER is a good one that I’ve done recently. It took me around 13 hours. AA sends their B77W’s from LAX-SYD which is about 14 hours.

thanks guys

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Anyone have any good American Airlines or British airways long haul routes, I am sick of always flying to Hawaii all the time, my new destination lately has been London, Florida, and the Caribbean, anyone got any more good places to fly to on one of those airlines?

LAX-LHR or maybe you can do SYD-SIN-LHR on the BA 787-9?

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I’ve actually been thinking about that second route, thank you! I never do LHR-LAX, I don’t like flying into KLAX, too many noobs.

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TL;DR: Need a route:
• landing IRL between 0400Z-0600Z
• cruising for at least around 8 hours (no upper limit)
• A330 or A380 ideally
• not arriving into Dubai (don’t mind departing)

Request: I like to do flights at the correct time to when they are IRL. I need inspiration for flights I can do overnight that land between 0400Z-0600Z but also give me enough time to get a full night sleep during cruise (ideally 8 hours cusing, so I guess like a 10 hour flight at least). Don’t mind where in the world, but particularly for the A330 or A380.

Emirates have a lot of good ones that work landing at OMDB, but done so much of that lately it’s getting a bit boring.

Sorry this iis so oddly specific 😅

Miami to Buenos Aires, it’s 8 hours on the B772

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Try VS110 from ATL-MAN which if you set your speed right could be touching 8 hours. If that doesn’t suit you try MCO-MAN on the VS A330 or the EI (Aer Lingus) A330 that’s around 8 hours. For the A380 I can’t think of any apart from the Dubai bound flights you said.