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Ok I’m ten hours away from grade 3 I want a ten hour flight please give me a route that’s at least ten hour flight

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Geneva to Port Louis on the Air Mauritius A330-900neo is 10-11 hours.

Guys ,
You should organize a group flight Athens (lgav) to Larnaca (lclk) or vice versa
These are two very nice airports ( which I hsve been to many times) and have cool approaches .Especially in Larnaca the airport has a cool gate and jetbridge design.
A320 Aegean airlines 2020 livery
Preferable time : noon/ sunset
Duration:1 hour 30 mins approximately

Bangkok to heathrow 12:00 Done this one ( overnight reccomended)
JFK to Honolulu approx 10:00 Done this( overnight reccomended)
Heathrow to Los Angeles approx 10:30
Or this flight is shorter but it is worth it
Amsterdam to Chicago O’Hare B787-10
It is really fun to fo but it is 8 hours approx( done this)

Sounds amazing, thanks!

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I want a Short haul with nice scenery on a A320

KSFO to KOGG. United Airlines 777-200 ER.

I like a 2 HR haul with a A320 in Europe

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Barcelona to Frankfurt takes 2 hours on the Lufthansa A320.

okay this might be a bit specific but i need some 1-3 hour routes within europe flown on the A320 series (A318/19/20/21) BUT preferably to or from smaller airports within europe thanks!

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London Gatwick to Innsbruck on the EasyJet A320 takes 2 hours.

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Anyone with a 10 hour overnight flight, in any aircraft with a working cockpit, and with both airports 3d?

any ultra long haul routes that are long cus of russian airspace closures or avoiding sacntioned country airspaces? like PANC-HKJK (avoiding russian airspace) that i did a few days ago or like UUEE-SBBR (avoiding european airspace). I’ve already tried some like EFHK-RJTT

any roughly 10-12hour routes on the A330 that are

  1. reallife
  2. 3d airport destination?

It’s an A330neo, but MSP-HND is a good one.

Can some one give me a nice Middle East route that’s 2 hours on the A330 which is real life

try UUEE-SAWH via north atlantic

A nice 14hours close to 15 hour. IRL pls

I’ve actually done that route before actually a similar route to havana

does anyone know any good short 777 routes that are around 1 hour long?
I’ve gotten sick of flying Dubai-Doha and need some more variety.

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