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A really fun one I have experienced is Hong Kong to Christchurch on the A350-900

SFO-YUL 4:45hrs

Any fun route for E175? Please leave some suggestions if u have one! Thanks a lot :)

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Sure thing,

Since we do not know what liveries are coming out I will only suggest ones that have been confirmed.

Kobe to Aomori on the Fuji Dream E175 should be nice with the scenery.

Toronto to Boston on the American Eagle E175

Denver to Colorado Springs on the United Express E175

TBH that is all the liveries I know are confirmed. If one of them is not I apologise, could probs give more but not sure if there will be livery for them.

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Another nice route to do on an afternoon in the American Eagle ERJ175 will be KDFW to KCHA!


I can not believe I forgot a really fun one.

LAX to Las Vegas on the Horizon (Operated by SkyWest) E175

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Thanks all! Appreciate it!

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Going to try this out soon, Thanks!

I’m looking for a Flybe ERJ 175 route that lasts about 30 minutes to an hour and 15ish minutes.
A 3D Departing airport and a 3D Arriving airport would be preferable, but not necessary

I can’t recommend for FlyBe but you can fly from Durban to Port Elizabeth ( FALE - FAPE ) it takes more or less 30 minutes and the approach is stunning.
If you want some mountains and mud on landing you can also fly HABC - HAAM , you don’t even need an autopilot for it because the landing airport is just two valleys away and you see nice terrain of mud and a dirty river of crocodiles.


Thanks for the suggestions, will look into it :)

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You’re welcome, I added a photo so you can imagine how the landing would be in Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

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Cool! Thanks for your help!

I’ve been looking for ERJ175 flights on the West Coast of the USA with any flight time.
I would prefer either Alaska Airlines, United Express, or American Eagle.

Any suggestions?

If you want a realistic route, Flybe used to fly their E175 from Doncaster Sheffield Airport to Dublin and Dublin to Amsterdam.

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Fantastic, thank you for your help!

Hey, does anyone have a 2-3 hour flight from Zurich? Doesn’t matter where.

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Let me give you 3 suggestions.

Zurich to Stockholm on the Scandinavian Airlines CRJ-900

Zurich to Istanbul on the Turkish Airlines A321 or A330-300

Zurich to Porto on the TAP Portugal A320

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Thanks! Istanbul will be a cool one to do!

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No worries! Hope you enjoy!