Reprogram ATC and Pilot Voices When Using Numbers

Hi all. I am proposing that the ATC and Pilots voices can be “reprogrammed” in a sense of changing how they say flight numbers. Here is an example.

In real life, “Delta 2034” would be pronounced as “Delta twenty-two thirty-four.” However, in Infinite Flight it is pronounced as "Delta two thousand thirty-four."

I think that (if possible), the pilot and ATC voices can be programmed to say twenty-two thirty-four, instead of two thousand thirty-four. This would change on a flight to flight basis. This way, ATC could give more commands in a given time period, along with improving the overall ATC experience in Infinite Flight, making it more realistic.

Thank you for your time. If you’ve got any suggestions or comments, please reply. Thanks again!


You can make ATC Pronounce the numbers however you want already. Simply add spaces in between the numbers; e.g. “Delta 1066” can be “Delta 10 66”

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That’s true, you’re right. However, it does look more “clean” with the numbers together.


It’s more realistic with the numbers together than separate.