Representing my Home Town Airport

I am Spotting since about 1 ½ year now. My Home Airport is EDDG (Flughafen Münster Osnabrück) (FMO)

Here are some of my spotting picturs

Rotating (Runway 25)Fokker 100

Rotating (Runway 07) Laudamotion A320

Taxing (to Parking) Hansaluftbild Cessna 402B

Taxing (to Parking) Lufthansa CRJ 900

Landing (Runway 25) Condor B757

Taxing (to Parking) Eurowings A320

Landing (Runway 25) Lufthansa Retro A321

as the air traffic slowly increases in Germany there will be finally some more tourism traffic again and i can spott some more Aircraft at my Home Airport again.


Beatiful Pictures Fabian!
The Hansaluftbild Cessna 402B is a great airplane which i also could see this morning!
Have a good Day 😃

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Love the Fokker 100! Nice shots!

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Yeah its an nice Aircraft love to see it every time.


Thanks i have mor but ading all would be to much 😅

But there will be some special guest at Thursday its an German Airforce C160 Transall in an special livery for its Goodbey Tour

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Stunning photos! I love that Laudamotion taking off!


Lovely pictures Fabian I especially love the Cessna is something different I like that! 😉

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