Representation and Moderation in the Infinite Flight Community

What is representation?

Good question. In light of a massively increasing community on all fronts of the Infinite Flight sim, I find myself asking this question a lot more. Countless new people are pouring through the doors, and contributions are shooting through the roof.

With that being said, it’s very important to consider how one reflects/presents him or herself in front of others. Not just others, but reflection on our community as a whole. Representation needs a guiding force to help that image come along.

This is where moderation comes into play. I’m sure all of you have seen moderation at one point, whether it be from Magic Johnson’s fan page or even a simple meme generator.

Consider this: why does the forum have moderation in the first place? IFATC? The airport editing team? Simply put, it curbs negative things from running all over the place, as well as steering positive interaction and productivity in the right direction.

A lot of things can happen in the absence of moderation. Here’s a few of them:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Internet violence
  • Spam
  • Hurt feelings
  • Toxic degradation

To put things in perspective for you guys, here’s a question. When you look at yourself, what do you and your actions represent?

You have a white couch in your living room. You leave and sign off for a new couch to be brought in. This couch has pizza boxes, stains, and a bad smell radiating from it. You sit on the couch, but nobody else wants to. This is an example of a bad action that wards off newbie community members.

Like it or not, moderation exists to keep things in order.

When I walk into a topic and see users arguing with each other publicly, respect for them goes down. When other people log in and see duplicate topics, they may think that the users who posted don’t utilize resources very well. Every action has an outcome, whether it be on the person(s) involved or those who are subject to said actions.

Steps to Success

Something happens, and you’ve got a plan to handle it. What would you do?

  1. Evaluate your intended action.
  2. Ask yourself if that action is going to hurt, harm, or degrade anyone involved. Rethink that action if it does.
  3. Will your action make sense? Does it follow logic?
  4. It is going to help or advance the topic of discussion in any way?
  5. Evaluate again. Is it a good statement?

With those steps in mind, you’re on the right track to contributing in a positive manner towards this great community. We’re in this together. Remember that.

Just my $0.02 to consider. Peace out!


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How can a Unicorn and a dog and an Iceberg keep things in Order?

Just Joking, really thanks for this Topic, it should be Pinned Globally, I do Really Thank Mods Henrik, Carson, Misha, Cameron and Sean Old and Staff for making The Community such a great Place to Stay in and Visit

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We’d also thank you, but bringing up old jokes (that aren’t even that funny) makes the thread go off-topic and that makes us sad.


Very nice topic!

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Thank you, gentlemen. It is my hope that maybe more people can get a feeling of how the forum and moderation in general works. We have a lot of assets and tools here. Use them!


In light of the recent influx of posts about mods and subsequent spamming of “why do so many people hate…” and “what do you think about these threads about the forum”, thought I’d bump this back up to calm some people down.

Josh put too much effort into this post to let it be buried in the depths of internet banter. I even read it in his voice and think he should make a video. 😀


Thanks, AR. The more people we can reach and help understand why things on the forum are done the way they are, then it should promote a better understanding of what goes on. :)


Good job Joshy, again :)

This may need a little hike back up to the outside world, courtesy of my backpack. Remember the big picture, people.

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