Lately, I have been doing many expert server flights and sometimes I do long hauls and I find out that I have been ghosted sometimes for not responding because I would be sleeping. I have 5/5 reports and I can’t join back in after I waited out the reports. Can anyone help?

Sincerely, Alex

Our Expert Server requirements changed in December 2017. This change was put into effect to ensure a professional and expert environment for those who wish to enjoy a realistic simulator experience. Please see this post for the new Expert Requirements:

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. It looks as though you have 5 reports in a 365 day range so you will need to wait until the oldest falls off. Which appears to be August 21st.


Thank you Chris. I was very confused on what happened. I never really check anymore for updates or changes on the form.

I believe this would be your lesson. After every overnight flight, I wake up several hours before I land. Situational awareness is key, and being in a tired out state really wears it down. In the future, try setting alarms or for say, use the Flight alerts on LiveFlight if you have Horizon

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Yeah. lol.

So, I would have to wait till August 21/2019? Or is there anything I can do to decrease the wait?

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Afraid so… Use that time wisely and learn from those mistakes. Then you can come back a better pilot.

Thank you Nate for everything.

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