If anyone reports a person does that automatically dowgrades your grade or only elite members report counts? I got ghosted and reported for excessive speed in a jet without a simple warning.

Only ‘IFATC’ or Moderators/Staff can ghost people. In your logbook it will show you who reported you, it is recommended to Private Message the controller or a moderator to clarify the reasons for your ghost.


Hi shade, memebers of IFATC and moderators have the ability to ghost players, it usually does severaly effect your grade. The best thing to do is to PM the person who ghosted you. (It should say in your logbook)

Could be system generated. I believe I read that 6 violations produce a system generated ghost.

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Can we see the message that says you were reported?

The pilot report button has been taken out and the pilot “Report” Feature currently does nothing.

To everyone else: Just wait for the OP to respond before we have 20 questions that can be solved by 1 knowledgeable person


Chris posted this 3 days ago. Was it removed that recently?

You didnt give us much info (what server you were flying on, and the exact aircraft type, and if there were any airports nearby), but if I understand you correctly you were flying a flighter jet, at high speed, and were reported.

If this is the case, then you would not have been reported because of excessive speed, because this doesnt happen to fighters. Instead, there is a good chance you were flying too fast in or very close to a controlled airspace on Expert. And that is not allowed. See below:

Continuing the discussion from [Fighter Aircraft Etiquette](Fighter Aircraft Etiquette):

IFATC can, and if needed will ghost fighters racing through their controlled airspace. This can happen even when you are not on an ATC frequency.

I hope this clears it up.


You guessed everything right except I was given no instructions to divert away from the airspace. I wasnt even inside the towers airspace.

Were you interfering with traffic arriving or departing from a major Airport with ATC?

I started cathcing up towards the sequencing after waiting for 4 mins to get vectored.

Was the airport really busy at the time?

When you say “cathcing”… Did you turn towards the airport instead of waiting to be vectored into the huge line?

If both of these are true, the reason you were probably ghosted is because; In a busy airspace, the approach controller has way too many aircraft in a certain pattern to have aircraft ruining their pattern.

Do you happen to know the controllers name? Airport? (Check Logbook)

After you find that info out, contact the user via IFC PM’s to get the exact reason

I just figured out and texted him. I think he had 4 planes. Anyway, we will figure it out. Im sure he would have given me a warning but I never received it, had a bit choppy connection too.

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