Hello, I have 2 reports recorded in my logbook, but why does it say I have 5 reports recorded? Can anyone help me please?

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Do you mean that your grade table shows 5 reports but you can only find 2 of them in your logbook?

Yes, that’s correct, I am trying to find out if I do have 5 reports then when will I be allowed to enter expert mode.

Can you send a screenshot of the grade table please πŸ‘πŸ»

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Because if you do have 5 reports you will have to wait 365 days until one of the 5 reports turns to 4

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2 years until 1 expires.

I have the same problem 11 reports but can only see 3 in my flight log.

So do I have to wait 2 years or 1 year before I can go back to expert mode?

Can you send a picture of your grade table?

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2 years after your first report yes.

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