Excuse me…but how do I have 15 violations in 2 years? I haven’t even been on if for 2 years! Pls help me. Thanks!

You can get multiple reports in a day

Sure, but 2 years? I don’t get it.

I have only had an account since january.

Two years is the max window of time. It has nothing to do with how long you have been here. It looks back at two years, if you have only been here 30 days so be it but the max is two years.


What Chris said - Now that I see a picture

How is it 5 and 15? Shouldn’t they be the same?

I believe that’s the requirement for Grade 3. They are the maximum numbers you can accumulate (15 reports in 2 years and 5 in a year) and in order to reach the next grade, you can’t have more than 15 reports in 2 years and/or 5 reports in a year

You dont have violations…

Dont have more than 5 in 1 year and dont have more than 15 in two years!

Please see…

Color are explained within


So I was ghosted? I only fly training server…

I’m confused tbh.

@anon57683537 read the tutorial mate, it’ll help you understand this a lot better.

  • The white column is what you currently have as a pilot.

  • The green column is the requirement column for the next grade.

You don’t have any reports/ghostings.


What you’re looking at is the minimum requirements for the next grade. For the next grade you can have no mare than 15 Violations in the bast 2 years

My stats are in white, my next requirement is in green on the right

Ohhhh…haha lol I’m sorry everyone, me fault. Close this now @DeerCrusher. Sorry.


Here’s the grade table tutorial again for reference: