Reports & violations

Hi i accidentally got a violation and a report but its been 8 days now and im still on grade 2 not 3. Its still says 1 report for 7 days when its been 8. Will i ever be able to go on expert server.

Have you tried restarting infinite flight?

Hello! Try to load a quick flight on casual and see if that resets it. That usually can help in these situations.

I tried that and its still not working

Did you try restarting infinite flight or do what Brandon said?

how do i do that?


Please make sure it was 8 days ago by checking your logbook. Note that the time given in the logbook is in GMT.

  • To restart infinite flight on an iOS device: double click home button and swipe the app up
    if you are on Android i don’t have a clue sorry,
  • And what Brandon said is self explanatory.
  • But first do what Schyllberg said, and make sure that you’re checkin the times properly.

it doesn’t actually say what time it is

It does, tap where it says “x violation(s)” :)

it says 00:16 UTC Time and where i am the utc time is i think 2100

Which date?

1st of december

Okay… i’m just going to double check one thing.
What is your latest callsign + display name?

what do you mean like my name on infinite flight

Yes, exactly.

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My callsign on infinite flight is Green116


You’ve received violations more recently.
And the first one you mentioned is from Dec 2nd, 00:05.