Reports going away

Hi all,

I received a report on expert @03:59UTC. Q1: does anyone know what this is in AEST time? Q2: It is now 2:00 pm in Sydney, now, in England (based off of my very little geo knowledge) it is 04:59UTC, why has this not gone away and has the IF report system changed?

At what day did you receive the report?

The times I believe are in Zulu time

10th of may / last Sunday. Now it is past that 03:59UTC time and it is also Sunday in sydney

What is your current callsign and display name?

At the time I am unsure, but now it is QF2343 and RECERTIFICATION

I believe not, here is the time and date:


Are you saying that it’s still showing on your Grade table on the Reports (7 days) row?

Yes indeed it does

Restart the app and check again. It should have disappeared 10 minutes ago.

Doing that now

Try waiting tomorrow as we are ahead of time

Thanks a lot, fell free to close this now!! :)

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Zulu is zulu (UTC) regardless of where you are. The app does not look at local time for this.

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All good in the hood