Hello IFC,
I was wondering does atc on expert server have to give you a warning if you are doing something wrong?

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I believe it depends on the controller and the environment. Some are stricter than others if I’m correct.

Hello @Speed_bird_50,

It depends on the nature of the offence that was occurred. For example, if you taxi without permission then they should issue you a warning before hand, but if you enter a runway with an aircraft on short final after being told to hold short, then it would be an instant ghosting without warning.

Most of the time we try and issue warnings where possible, but during busy events such as FNF, pilots need to be on top of their games to ensure that they are following all instructions as it will be a busier than usual airspace.


Ok, what would you do if you were a controller?

It always depends on the situation. At FNF for example, during peak hours, not always a warning will be given (as TFRs often say as well). In calm traffic, if it‘s not too dramatic, warnings are usually given prior to a report.

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Depends on what you’re doing wrong as stated above. Note that I am not an IFATC member.

For example, if you‘re not following an instruction and you‘re interfering with another aircraft, I‘d report without a warning.

Would asking appr for vectors be a reason to report/ghost without a warning?

No, sometimes they have a TFR saying if they see you doing something wrong in the red TFR Circle they may ghost you without warning. Other wise if there isn’t a TFR they may or may not give you a warning hope the feedback helped.

No, never. This is a thing you should do actually.

No, approach is there to give you vectors to the airport. That is the basis of their role and responsibility when controlling.

Could you help me understand this? This is what happened…

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This also could be my fault but I don’t know

We can‘t really say sth. about this because we don‘t know what happened. PM the controller and he‘ll explain :) (@mwe2187)

You may have contacted the ATC in a very high altitude or your speed was high

Ok thank you

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Your very welcome mate

Please don’t comment on a report unless you are the controller.

You weren’t there so you don’t know what happened.

If you want to discuss your report, send a message to @mwe2187.

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Nah, this is just speculating. It could‘ve been many things.

Sorry, i was just saying what might of happened.