Reports and Violations, and How to Deal With Them

Hi everyone,

Today I have a slightly more serious topic to discuss. The following info should apply to everyone here on the IFC, especially when making a live topic.

What is this?

I have seen an increase of topics that seem to “shame” controllers. Now, this isn’t because what the controller did was wrong, no. It’s because people think what they did was right.

“I was ghosted by IFC-[blank], and I was doing everything right!”

And it seems there is a simple answer:

PM Your Controller

Although, in most cases it isn’t even necessary to PM them. The game literally tells you what you did wrong. If you were to actually look at why you were ghosted/reported, you can actually become a better pilot!

What can I do instead of PMing the controller?

For starters you can do things like:

  • Find what you did wrong, and learn from it.
  • Apply what you have learned in your next flight.
  • Help teach others not to make the mistake you made.

What should I do if I think I need to PM a controller?

Here I will list the steps that you should take to write your PM to a controller.

  1. Find your controller. The game will tell you who reported/ghosted you, so just find their IFC tag.

  2. Start and finish your PM, and read it over. Make sure you include your callsign, and where you were reported. Be nice to IFATC!

  3. Send your PM. You can expect a response soon.

What happens if I do make a topic?

You will receive the same answers. Every. Single. Time.

“Please PM the controller, they will confirm with you.”

Or your topic will be closed, with the same message.

Please take this into account when you get reported/ghosted, it will really help keep the forum clean and less clogged up.


Helpful Links:

Needed topic! Might be worth including the link to the IFATC directory to avoid “where can I find controller x?” :


I agree with this, we don’t want to know if you got a Vio, just PM the controller, Hope I don’t sound rude.


I couldn’t agree more. The whole ‘I’ve been reported for no reason!!’ shtick gets old quickly and makes it abundantly clear that you have no idea what you did wrong, despite it saying in big letters on the screen. Meaning that you’re a lot less likely to have it considered for reversal.


I will add that quick, thanks for the link.

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Someone pin this, I completely agree with you here Alec. There are so many more topics about violations and that matter. While this is ok if you’re asking what you did wrong (better in a PM), or if you need to find your controller, it’s not ok to shame the controller. I’ve seen too much of “I did nothing, the controller gave me a violation for no reason!” It gets old very quick. (Just beware, making a topic wont explain why or how very well, it might help finding a controller stag). Now if you’d read why you were reported (when it shows up on the screen), and acknowledge what you did wrong, it’ll be all good. And if you don’t understand why, ask someone for their IFC tag or just PM the controller, then learn from your mistakes and become a better pilot.


If you’re ever unsure about anything in your report, you should always PM them. We are here to educate, not punish. Our PMs are always open to any questions. We don’t want to leave pilots in the dark feeling their question is stupid. No question is stupid, please don’t discourage users from getting in touch with a controller for any reason.


This is personally the best topic on the IFC, this topic should have been made a long long time ago… Be gone arguments, all I need to do is attach this thread and boom its all explained. Thoroughly in depth as well. Absolutely fantastic job Alec!

Happy Flying :)

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A nice reminder of how to deal with these. Thanks Alec.


Thanks for the reminder.