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Hi, when I’m in infinite flight live every once a while I get a violation is that when someone is looking at the map and our aircraft and the option report user is there, do you press that to report someone for violation speed Etc.

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Hello! Welcome to the forums! You get a violation if you’re flying faster then 250 kts under 10’000 feet, if you taxi faster then 35 kts (ground speed) or if you’re doing acrobatics near an airport. If three users reported you, you’re ghosted.

I know that, but I mean when your looking at the map and you see an aircraft violating something like speed then there is a report user option, what does that mean

If three people press the report button on a user, that user is ghosted. No violation, just kicked from the server.

Then can we report them if there violationing speed?

You can report an aircraft taxing on the grass, a person taking off without clearance or when someone don’t listen to ATC. If three people reported the person is ghosted. The speed violation are made by the system automatically.

And if we’re kicked can we rejoin?

You need to wait a little and then you can.

Oh Ok thanks

24 Hours with new system。

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Advanced ATC’s can ghost people but I heard they must send a report with screenshots and description of the incident.

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You get a violation only for certain things (exceeding the maximum allowed ground speed, the 250kts below 10,000ft, if your aircraft is too large for an airport and so on).

You get reported when 3 players report you, a moderator reports you or an Advanced ATC ghosts you. The time you’re banned for varies though.

You won’t get violations because other people report you, but if you don’t mind certain rules.

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