Reporting users on TS

First and foremost I’m new here hello. 👋
I know from reading previous posts that reporting users on the TS won’t be really useable.
Although if the developers can, there should be a way ATC players like myself who enjoy working on the TS (totally not jealous of IFATC) are able to the least warn trolls besides the on guard warning. I’ve been controlling KLAX for about 1-2 hours and there’s been this constant pilot who’ll join and won’t listen to Ground or Tower. He’ll delay the traffic flow and sometimes just fly around the airspace at a low altitude without permission, or repeatedly land and not follow the pattern work. I know things will become slow once I see “666” as their callsign. YourFriendlyATCInDistress.



Hi @YourFriendlyATC,

I just want to start of by welcoming you to our community! Unfortunately, we tend to not report users on the training server as for the most part, both pilots and controllers are learning and training for the expert server.

With that being said, we don’t condone trolling on the training server; however, we won’t report unless there is a special circumstance.

Judging by your name and topic, I assume that you love ATC. Once you meet the requirements, we would love to see you join us in IFATC. You would do awesome!

Here is a topic that you can look at for requirements and how recruiting works: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting