Reporting system on playground

I know there is many discussions about this, but mine is different to others, so not duplicate.

My idea is to allow pilots who have been graded 4 or above to have more authority towards ghosting. What I mean is, currently we need three people to report in order to ghost, but why can’t we make it to two people if they both has grade 4 or above.


I’d say we need to keep in check the abuse of the report system… Anyone who hates someone can just go ahead and call 2 other people to report someone who is not doing anything wrong in-game…


Oh no, Are there!? I didn’t mentioned about it. Anyway we have to do something about it. I mean developers (I wish I could but I can’t coz I’m not in official haha XD)

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Yea I was a victim… People from the IFPHG gang reported me while I was pushing back normally lol

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Oh what a horrible… We might need flight recorder in that case lol.

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Hahaha but IRL a flight recorder is for well, ACI and the likes… :P


This system even doesn’t work. you can’t report a pilot of you are an ATC

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That is something @sniperguy135 and I want so badly…

Nimrods insisting on an inactive runway when the runway flow is clear…

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Only fault I see is that grade doesn’t show whether you are a good pilot or not

Yes you can.

Nope it doesn’t work I tested with a few friends you Need 3 pilots but you can’t report someone with 2 pilots and 1 ATC

@DS2001 is correct. You require 3 personnel in order to ghost or report a pilot. 😀😉

No this is a bad idea…

Priority over others is a unfair advantage

Not every time you are told to follow instructions means you are misbehaving

Yes you can, according to @dush19. The button says to controlling rating too low, but the report is still successful :)

i have had moments when I’m literally spamming the follow instructions or join my frequency on playground XD


And again No you van’t I test it with a few friend and I know you need to click kn it but it Just doesn’t work

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Yea when people don’t behave on playground I just spam them with please follow instructions


And there’s no use to that if they’re adamant on their ways… I just ignore them completely… Like what’s the point anyway

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