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Where do I report someone? Enough is enough with this happening to me many times I got the whole replay username and all ATC wasn’t occupied at SYD earlier today while in expert mode this player decided to takeoff while i called every move out on from approach to final literally already landing on the ground slowing down the a/c on runway 25 and this player came out on the runway 16R instead of holding short to takeoff nearly crashing into me on the intersections of the runway i had to come to a conplete stop at the runway before crossing runway 16R if pilot are that desperate to takeoff they should stick with casual flight instead of ruining a good flight for others especially when my flight was DFW to SYD loooong flight


If you are not an IFATC member you will not be able to report any pilot unfortunately.

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Like @jacrock said you can’t report another user during a flight. I would suggest sending the user a message since you said you have their username

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How do I become a member?

If you would like to become a part of IFATC, I would take a look at the information and rules posted here:

@Butter575 I’m sure you mean IFATC…

@Borii yeah, basically what @Butter575 said. You should be interesting in controlling if you want to apply though, because depending on your background, passing the written and practical exam could take a substantial amount of effort.

Oh yeah mb

Also to add (I am not sure) but I don’t think you can report someone when you are the pilot.

Yes - there are a very select few non-staff members or moderators that have the reporting ability as a pilot. Being a regular IFATC controller does not give you that power as a pilot.

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