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I just got reported by several people and dont have a clue why and now m invisible for 60 minutes, im sorry I didnt let 2 people with a higher rating than me run me off the taxiway, I really wish I knew what I was reported for and what my recourse is?


Hi, what server was this?



There’s probably a reason, could you mind possibly explaining your actions and such in the minutes leading up to the reporting?

And higher ranking players do not get higher priority, ever.


Recourse?? Good Luck!!


As @Cessna_Driver says , what server and airport where you at ?


Thanks for getting back to me,I really appreciate it…Paris,France…LFPO (Paris Orly)…I dont even know what I did,im sorry…im always very respective of others in the game and get annoyed when others act stupid and dont care about anyone else but I didnt know how to report anyone but I do now…I was told to taxi to a certain runway and I was then I stopped to wait my turn to enter the runway when a huge airline came up on my right and just kept going right thru the intersection bnasically pushing me out of the way acting like I wasnt even there and when I started to go because he did that to me I then got reported…I did nothing wrong exept was waiting my turn like I was supposed to do,I was next in line according to the tower until that big plane did that to me without warning and I still wasnt going to say anything until I was told I was being ghosted.Im level 3 and now back to level 2 and cant go to the expert server,I got a violation for something that I have no idea what it was.Believe me when I tell you that I am tiotally respectful of everyone in this community and always will be. If I did something that I didnt know was wrong then believe me,I appoligize and it wont happen again but like I said…I dont know what it was. Thanks for listening,

James Peters


Wow that was quite the essay ! Look personally it always sucks when you get a violation , even thou I haven’t had one in months. I’m afraid if this did happen on the training server then you’re going to have to take this one on the chin , even if you didn’t do anything wrong. The violation will reset it’s self and then you will be back to grade 3 in no time. What I could possibly think happened is maybe a VA was flying together and using discord to communicate and they got everyone to report you , I know could be a long shot. However people don’t just think ," hey that guy is doing nothing wrong , let’s report him !" Another reason could be people were trying to report the guy who "rode over you " and actually reported you by mistake , i know I have done that by mistake before …

It also take three people to report a aircraft for a system ghost to be enforced …



I think what he’s saying is he was ghosted not given a violation. You dont get a red connection unless your ghosted. @JimP Sounds like people couldn’t differentiate between your icon and the other persons icon so you got the ghosting instead. For future reference dont evem move if someone taxis through you. Just continue to obey tower orders.


It was on the Expert server,I just wish I knew what my violation was for so I dont ever do it again but i’ll just have to wait now to get my level 3 status back,thanks for your help in this matter.

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