Reporting Reports On The Forum

Hey IFC,
Lately myself and I’m sure many others have witnessed multiple topics saying “Unnecessary Report” or “Being reported”. Every single time, you are told to contact the controller and the topic is locked.
So for everyone who is thinking about it or has done this please do the following:

Contact the ATC member who reported you via a PM and do not post it onto the forum.

This will help keep the forum clean and tidy while no details will be discussed. If the ATC member refuses to cancel it (which happens most of the time), then do not go back onto the forum to complain.

Topics about being reported are not wanted on the forum.

Thanks, everyone!


We appreciate your post but there is already a post detailing what to do when wanting to appeal ghosts.


Why not read this?


Oh ok, thanks for letting me know and I apologies, didn’t see it when I as creating the topic!


It is also listed in the “how to use the forum” information thread as well as other places.

The forum is here to help so saying they are not wanted is a little harsh.