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This maybe be a rehash but I see many pilots, including experienced ones using the “report position” unnecessarily or in replacement of inbound requests. So here is a little help:

When to report position?

In general you do not need to report position, it just clogs the frequency up. We see you! If you have been cleared to land you do not need to let us know you are on final or base… again, we see you. There may be another reasons to report position but here are the two most common ones:

a) You are doing patterns and it is your final one and you want to let the tower controller know it is your last one - so you may report position saying “full stop” - do you need to do this? You don’t, but it is nice to let the controller know you are landing.

b) You think something is wrong, maybe you are on final and haven’t been cleared yet, maybe the controller told you he’ll call your base and you are on a long downwind and you don’t see a reason as to why your base haven’t been called yet, maybe you haven’t been sequenced and think you should have - then ok, report your position. Again… only if you think something is wrong / missing.

I’ll repeat - reporting position for no reason just clogs the frequency and takes the controller’s attention away from other aircraft that may be actually needing some sort of instructions.

Announcing inbound

Reporting your position is not a request to land or to do a touch and go. You should use the proper command and say your intentions by announcing you are inbound for landing / touch and go / ILS… Saying you are on the right downwind is not saying your intentions.


Great post!


Thank You! People are starting to use the report position like the check in “with you” command for approach.


And don’t forget, this applies to live ATC being present. On a unicom field one must report their position to inform other pilots as to their location.


Right. I think most pilots carry over their Unicom procedures to live ATC. Unfortunately, with live ATC, this just clutters up the board and gives the controller another unnecessary message to which he needs to reply. Please make the distinction between Unicom and live ATC (though I understand the reasoning, the distinction should still be made).

ATC sees you on final.

One other reason with live ATC to report position:

You requested touch and go, but were cleared to land. In that scenario, it is appropriate to report position “touch and go” so the controller can clear you for the option.

But, most importantly, as already stated, reporting position is not requesting to land.

Also, if you’re going to report position, at least be so kind as to report the correct leg. I have so many pilots on downwind report “on final”.

“Inbound on the ILS” is to he used when Approach has vectored you and cleared you for the ILS, not anywhere on the RADAR with some future intent to land.

This pilot is not “inbound on the ILS”:


The correct leg. Peanuts get confused.


Ha, sorry. I’m usually a stickler for grammar. You are correct.


Thanks for posting this, a refreasher on this for everyone was definitely needed!

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I can’t think of any situation where reporting position is needed. It’s mostly just for if a controller forgets about an aircraft on ts1

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Unless your announcing a full stop after patterns

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I agree with all the points stated in the post and the comments made by the IFATC fellas. All IFATC controllers encounter this problem on a regular basis, we’d like the pilots to understand that sometimes it gets really busy and these type of reports would just slow down the controller. Thanks @MannyG for informing the community.


Unfortunately we see that more often. Some VAs I know for a fact, actually train their pilots to report position every time.


Or touch and go when cleared to land.


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