Reporting - Please read!

Hi all!

I have seen a large increase in topics regarding things like:

  • “I have been reported, what do I do?”
  • “This report is unfair, how do I reverse it?”

I just want to say, please do not post these type of topics, there really is no point. Just ask whoever reported you why you were reported, and they will tell you why.

Nobody apart from the controller that reported you can do much, so this is why I don’t see the need to start a topic.

If you need the list of controllers that you could have been reported by, there is a great website made by @Chris_S which you can use:

Mods, if this thread has already been made, or I am not allowed to do this, please close it.


Keep in mind that most of these are from new users to the community.

The moderation team will continue the conversation via PM or help them find the controller.