Reporting Players

Hello All,
How am I to report players who obviously have no idea what is going on in ATC? Granted this is within the training server but it is remarkably irritating. Any suggestions would be awesome!


Unfortunately, this is the nature of the training server. It comes with trolls and pilots who actually want to learn, which can be frustrating. I’d suggest flying on the expert server for a more realistic experience. If you’d like to control realistically, you can join the IFATC team for the expert server!

Feel free to ask any questions.



By the way, why is there an inop button saying report on player info when in-flight? That would be useful sometimes 😒


The in-flight report button is enabled for IFATC supervisors and above to moderate and enforce the Expert Server rules when ATC is not present. Giving all users the ability to report when flying would be chaotic and the system would be abused.

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