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Hi. I don’t usually formally report anyone for anything but about 5 minutes ago at time of writing somebody announced takeoff at EGLL after me and while I was taxiing onto the runway, the user hastily lined up on 27R and took off (from a bold short point behind me). I will provide video proof to moderators only as I don’t wanna start a witch-hunt, but if anyone needs a version with the name not included who isnt a mod I’ll get one here shortly.

To be perfectly honest I’ve noticed an influx of people who have no idea what they are doing recently join the expert server. These users are largely un-named, however this shouldn’t be a free pass for them to do whatever they want. I want your thoughts on this- am I alone when I say I see more immaturity on the expert server now than 2 years ago?

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Was this on the Expert or Training Server?

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It was on the expert server

If it was on the Expert Server, try and get some screenshots from your replay and send them to a moderator.

Ok, who would be people I could contact though?

@ moderators

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some people are like that if they are unnamed they are just random players playing the game. if there is no ATC online to ghost them and the violations are not exceeded then what can you do. members of the public pay for the game and play it. just ignore them, its a public server

All the same it rather diminishes our own experience. Antics like that belong in the casual server…

Violations on expert aren’t given out retroactively, unless it is clearly trolling or the callsign is inappropriate. If there would had been an IFATC controller active there or a person with reporting capabilities, he would have probably received a report, but it does look like he would be able to get away with it this time

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