Reporting players while ATC is absent on expert server

Is there anyway to report players while there is no ATC available? (Expert Server)

Ive seen so many people abusing UNICOM on expert server that i’m wondering how we would report them. Currently as of writing this someone is doing this at LGSA (I have proof)
Any help would be appreciated.

Hope this is in the correct place and not a duplicate as i’ve found no similar

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Take screenshots and report it to a moderator

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No, there is now way to report players without active ATC.

except for mods and staff, and other select people

Who would be the best person to tell?

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Are you talking about that A380 with the 8 “N”


yes, they have been spamming and more. I saw they disappeared when you spawned in.

I have multiple screenshots of them taxiing through me and my partner… as well as them abusing the unicom. I’m well aware.


Any Mod or Staff is absolutely fine!

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Thats them, they had spawned in before that (5min) and spammed much more. (your photos are from the second time they did it)


I’ve alway wondered what to do when I’m in these situations. Hope that this gets something done, that kind of behavior isn’t tolerated on Expert server

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Also considering that he used a BA A380, he completely ignored the NOTAM stating only military aircraft. He MuSt Be StOpPeD


He was in a jet before (and yes the A380 after)

It’s been resolved. Thanks for the report!