Reporting on Training Server

I’m very annoyed how controllers can’t report in Training server. And how we need to just watch people not listen to you.

Also, I’ve seen something I don’t wanna see again. A level 1 guy, has flown 30min and has over 150 violations.

Well it’s the training server, what do you expect? If you want to be able to report people on expert and be ATC on expert at the same time, then I suggest you join IFATC.


If you don’t want to fly with nimrods, then fly on the Expert server. On TS1, you never know what to expect.


But expert doesn’t have many people on. I love the traffic. Just without the dumb people that can’t follow simple instructions.

A few hours ago there were over 56 users online on the expert server. I controlled EHAM for nearly an hour and a half. Was a blast. You’re just not going on at the right time if you don’t see much traffic.

Well, when it comes to the Expert Server, it’s quality over quantity. The Expert Server may not have as many pilots and ATC online as the Training Server at times, but the pilots on Expert and IFATC are much more skilled. Plus, ghosting is enforced on the Expert Server, unlike the Training Server.

I live in Australia. So when it midnight, more players are on. Sad for me :/


I really think training should also include some reporting. Just a bit less stricter than expert.

If ATC had the ability to ghost on the Training Server, anyone could log on and abuse it.

Yeah… DAMN!

I live in China, only about 3 hours away from you. Why don’t you fly in the morning, at around 9am or at night, at about 9pm? Those times are pretty busy.


Lol…we just don’t become IFATC to report…its much gr8er…BTW nvm


I never notice the traffic around 9

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I avoid flying on SoCal on TS1, though often fly in other regions on TS1 as often the pilots are better and listen to ATC as well as often having ATC for people training for Expert server!


Just don’t bother reporting on TS

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