reporting on etc log

CAN THE MSG of being reported stay in atc log.
just got ghosted out of KCMIi and dont know why .

PM Joe or your controller

there was no controller ill try tom thanks

if there was no controller it was probably a system ghost

be nice to know the violation i was at 12,000 305 knots

was this a ghost or a violation?
check you stats page and post it here

Same thing for me

I just got reported at EGLL, and I was just parked.

I got reported for going around

which status page

I also have the guy who reported me for going around

I report some guy in a Erj for sitting on runway

i should of reported someone for getting close to me today forcing me to go around :-(

Before and After

how do we know what we did wrong (if we did ) if they dont tell us

I know right all I did was go around what did they want me to do crash

Wait wrong pictures

i show grade 3 but cant go on expert :0(