Reporting on ATC

Hello fellow pilots,
I have a question:

As I was an air traffic controller at EGLL on the training server, I witnessed a lot of planes breaking the rules, even after warning (Taking off without clearance, taxiing through other planes etc). However, when I tried to report them, it said my rating was too low to report users. I have over 700 operations. What do I need to do to get a higher controller rating?

Thank you

Only IFATC qualified controllers on the expert server can report other users unfortunately, the number of operations you have does not affect it.

If you’re interested in joining IFATC, check here:

The training server is meant for pilots who want to practice with some set rules which aren’t enforced and because it isn’t expert server where rules are strictly enforced, you won’t be able to report anyone.

If you are a minimum of grade 3 and want to control the expert server (the only server which allows the reporting tool), I suggest applying for the IFATC program.

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