"Reporting Midfield"

So during the ARC at kmkl I was helping out around the airport cause I’m in the aviation Explorer post there and was listening to the ATC. The airport flight instruction plane went up and did 2 patterns while i was listening. This is a tower controlled airport when this happened. I noticed the pilot saying, Reporting Midfield (whatever side) Downwind for (runway being used). Then the ATC would respond with clear for the option blah blah blah. I think it would be cool to add this feature cause with tower or no tower its helpful cause usually ga planes dont have a transponder so they dont appear on radar with all of their stuff.

I think you should explain more about “Midfield”. I don’t quite understand what it is, and I’m sure some others don’t as well.

I’ll do it in the morning when I wake up so I can type better on my computer.

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“Report midfield” means to make a position report to the tower mid runway on your downwind leg to let them know when you have made it to that point so they can give your landing clearance with the spacing of other potential traffic

Exactly. I just woke up and am rushing to get Scheduled for the ARC since it got moved back and I ain’t had time to do it.

Usually tower would instruct the aircraft to report midfield in a previous instruction, the aircraft wouldn’t just report midfield randomly. We don’t have to ability to ask pilots to report position in Infinite Flight, so this wouldn’t be very useful for either party involved unless controllers were able to ask pilots to report their position.


What you heard was a closed traffic command from ATC.
LEFT/RIGHT (if required) CLOSED TRAFFIC APPROVED. REPORT (position if required). Controllers have primary radar usually and can use that to identify people in the traffic pattern.

The pilot reported it and that was the next transmission between ATC and pilot after clear for takeoff.