Reporting issue

My callsign was Southwest 36 80 user airplano21
I was incorrectly reported today at the event from oakland to las vegas where one person turned off runway 12 on to taxiway whisky. I was on whisky past taxiway victor when I saw the other aircraft. and the other aircraft was on whisky 5. I was instructed previously to give way to an aircraft ahead back at the parking area. The aircraft loads on my screen when he was turning on whisky. I had no place to go out and give way and ATC was silent. They did not instruct me to hold my position nor did they instruct the other aircraft. This could have been avoided very simply by asking me to hold short of whisky while I was on victor or instructing the other aircraft to hold but this game is too far broken and I will cancel my subscription. Thanks for nothing.


Did you know who was the controller?

Hello Connor,
Could you please go into your logbook and look at who ghosted you? We can help you find them, and then you can send a message to them to figure out why you were ghosted. Sorry to see you go, and hopefully we can help you out. :)

Controller will PM you when he is done controlling.