Reporting Inquiry at YMML

I am here reporting a ATC of YMMB expert server who is very inconsiderate who Ghosted me as I was not following instructions. Get that! But this controller directed me from East to West whereby airport is straight ahead. With my perfect score now down graded to level 2. My point is that this type of controller should not have access to Ghosting.

Thank you everyone for the feedback and eye opener per say. I do admit that the 4th time I was instructed to change Heading away from the airport lost my confident from the ATC and assumed that this controller is either doesn’t know what their doing or playing with me.
I am a very competitive which I often would like to perform at 100%. Most of my violations are based on mistake such skidding out of run way and caused me 5 violations as I tried to stop the aircraft.
I will read more of the tutorial specially for ATC as I would like to fly on the expert server which is more close to reality.



You’re supposed to listen to the controllers. Not ignore them. I suggest checking #tutorials:atc and #tutorials :)


Well, the vectoring path for the airport was probrably going that way. And a controller is not inconsiderate for reporting you — he is keeping the airport safe.


The controllers on the Expert Server are a part of IFATC. They are very professional and realistic. They know what they’re doing. You’re supposed to always listen to the controllers. None of this works if you don’t trust them.


On a side note, what was the controllers name so he can PM you? then you can discuss this privately.


An ATC controller will vector you accordingly to keep you from flying into other aircraft in the airspace. Sometimes they vector you back and forth to create a line if there is traffic in the area, just like in real life, hence it being called “Expert Server”. If you prefer not to be told where to fly try the training server.

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Maybe should of follow instructions. IFATC Controllers are very trained and are here to give us professional experience on Infinite Flight. If they tell you turn left, you do it. Especially when in a crowded airspace. Next time, you should listen to them. And don’t get mad when you get ghosted. It’s not a punishment, but it’s to tell you to fix something that needs to be fixed!

Besides that, please give the name of the controller that ghosted. If you don’t know who ghosted you, check your logbook!

Thank you and welcome to the community!


Ok, guys. No one should be responding unless you’re the controller involved. Please check your logbook and discuss the issue with the controller via PM.


@Declan_O will pm you


No, no, no! A report will get you off of the expert server so that you can fix whatever you may have screwed up on. Not saying “Welp, you did this wrong see you in a week!” It’s saying “Looks like you need some more work on this.” So they give you a chance to fix what you got wrong.

Definitely not assisting the OP here. Thanks for the off topic comments. Will start issuing warnings for stuff like this. Not cool.

@TRIPLEJOHN I’ll send you a message to figure out who ghosted you so I can get you in touch with the appropriate individual. Thanks