Reporting Incidents

There’s a particular region I regularly fly from/to that always seems to have one or two in flight bullies for lack of a better term.

How does the ‘Reporting’ feature actually work when an incident occurs that needs to be reported? What happens behind the scenes and is there a fair process in place to assure members don’t get randomly reported affecting their scorecard?

Only IFATC (on Expert Server) as well as staff and mods are the only people that can report pilots. It was removed from the pilots’ options because people were abusing it - ie randomly reporting people for no reason!

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Thank you for clarifying!

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If it is a regular occurance, try and take some screen shots of the incident which you think deserves a report, include a shot which shows the pilots username and note down the server (Training or Exert) with the (DTG (Date Time Group whihc is in Zulu time same format as the events). Then you send this as a PM to a member of the staff or moderator here who might be able to look at it and take some actions “behind the sceans”. Do Not open a new topic with the screen shots as that could be just as bad as tolling in the first place. Good luck.


While you can’t report them, I do believe it’s worthwhile to capture screenshots from pilots or controllers on TS which you see deliberately being a pain and appear just to be there to hinder people. And then report these here. I believe staff and moderators should know who these idiots are.

Note: be careful with this though. Most people on TS are great; but many are just lacking knowledge and sometimes you see them do crazy things simply because they don’t know. We don’t want to report on the learners.

Thank you great advice!

Thank you David!

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