Reporting Guidelines

We have those, too:

Along with a wealth of tutorials and other threads, including countless “leaving your device isn’t a justification”, “don’t leave during important phases of flight”, you name it, it’s been said.

I know your next point will be, “not everyone is on the forum.” Which, okay, is true, but what can you do? You can only provide so much information. In-game warnings. Warnings as they’re happening, etc. at some point, pilot responsibility has to enter the picture.

Everyone acts like losing grade 3 or 4 for 7 days is the equivalent of being tied to the rack for a week, but there’s plenty of information out there if people want it. The only other possible step would be an IF employee assigned to each pilot to sit beside them and say “watch your speed.”

Unless you can think of another way to provide the information that hasn’t already been provided. Because I’m really not sure what else can be done to make the info available.

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