Reporting Guidelines

I was wondering if there are any guidelines for reporting other users? The ability to “report” a user seems to be subjective. Is there an approval process before one can start reporting other users?

Only IFATC Controlling and Moderators anytime can ghost people. So that’s who has the ability and if you like controlling then I recommend starting at IFATC but dont just do it too ghost people


In terms of reporting someone on the Expert Server, you can take a video through your replay of what happens and message moderators with the evidence. It would need to be something severe to cause an action to be done to someone that is flying around non-controlled airspace.

In terms of the report button, the report button does not work currently as it would very likely something that would be regularly abused.

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Are there specific guidelines that are documented for what is and what is not considered a reportable offence.

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It really comes down to two things.

  1. Are you following ATC instructions (Not following headings, sequences, etc)
  2. Are you interfering with other aircraft (Are you taxiing through others, cutting in line on approach, etc)

For example if you are approaching an airport and are following your own flight plan, if it is busy ATC may give you additional vectors to get you in sequence with other aircraft. When it is quiet without traffic around ATC will most likely let you fly your plan. But when there is traffic around they are trying to keep the flow. By following your own plan you may cut in front of others and cause issues with spacing or even a collision.

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I get it, if your are being a jerk its reportable. I guess the hard part i have is that its just subjective given the penalty for a single occurrence is a demotion from level 5 to level 2 for the first occurrence.

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Understandable. You are given warnings before the report happens. Often times you will get the command again “xxx turn left heading 210” which may be followed by “Please follow instructions or you will be ghosted”

If you land on top of another plane without clearance, there may not be time for a warning.

Buzzing a controlled tower at 1000 feet going 1200 kts is also a no-warning ghost.

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This all stems from a flight on the expert server where I was trying to catch up to a group in flight. I was in fact travelling at excessive speed. however it was away from any other aircraft and in a non-controlled area. With no contact from anyone I was reported, at which time I ended my flight. Which immediately dropped my ranking. I get it, ignorance is no excuse for the law, but where is the law documented (in the forum) so I don’t break in going forward.

Look, I don’t live and die on this game Its just a game, it just got me miff’d that’s all. Sitting out a few days from the expert server isn’t a big deal, I just don’t like it :-)

Admins can PM me me if they like but I’ll let this die out…

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Were you reported by a controller? Sounds more like violations to me.


Generally don’t report someone, like others have said contact a moderator here on the community. I know there are some incidents where you may need to but do it through a moderator. That way you don’t report someone for a stupid cause that you will look back on and regret.

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Well, you can’t report someone in-game, so it’s not really a danger.

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I agree, I feel like you should be warned at the beginning of your flight rather than while you’re committing the violation. This way everyone knows before and you can be accustomed to the rules. Also if it’s a set and forget flight than you could rack up numerous violations doing an absolute number on your grade.

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Something like this?:


Exactly except it would be more of a “you will be reported at above 350 knots above 10,000 feet” It would provide specifics on the rules.

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We have those, too:

Along with a wealth of tutorials and other threads, including countless “leaving your device isn’t a justification”, “don’t leave during important phases of flight”, you name it, it’s been said.

I know your next point will be, “not everyone is on the forum.” Which, okay, is true, but what can you do? You can only provide so much information. In-game warnings. Warnings as they’re happening, etc. at some point, pilot responsibility has to enter the picture.

Everyone acts like losing grade 3 or 4 for 7 days is the equivalent of being tied to the rack for a week, but there’s plenty of information out there if people want it. The only other possible step would be an IF employee assigned to each pilot to sit beside them and say “watch your speed.”

Unless you can think of another way to provide the information that hasn’t already been provided. Because I’m really not sure what else can be done to make the info available.

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I’m not necessarily saying leaving your flight on is a justification because it’s not, it’s very careless to leave a flight going and not check up on it. Not trying to pick any disputes but the game could do a tad more to help new comers to certain servers by just alerting them to some places at which they may encounter violations without a notice. Although learning the hard way can sometimes be the best way a little guidance is always great.

Right, but guidance is available, that’s what I’m saying.

With the threads outlining everything in detail. I ask this not confrontationally, but as a genuine question: what specifically, other than the information already there, be done which would make that information available to more people?

I’m not arguing, I’m just saying that what you’re asking for already exists. It’s there, linked above, and found in countless other threads. Is there something you’d want to be added in game that isn’t there? How would you go about doing it?

(Again, must stress, genuine question. Looking for a specific mechanism you think would help.)

Ok, I am seeing more of your side now. I just meant guidance as in the app although I see if you really cared you could go and seek out the information by yourself. I just was kind of thinking on how an informational system in the app about violations could be useful and helpful to some beginners who may not know how or where to find information despite the links and stuff posted around.

Too better answer your question maybe under the chart of grades and your violation statistics there could be a list or such of potential violations. Or anything in the app where people wouldn’t have to make extra accounts or things like that to access the information.

And back to your previous point of not being able to report in game