Reporting Grade 3 Pilots

Hello, i just had an issue with a player in the Training Server that was spamming the ATC. He was a Grade 3 so that surprises me. But can we somehow report someone so that he doesn’t do that again? Thanks for the help.

No, in training server you cant report people.

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You can’t do much. It’s the training server.

Oh then too bad, thanks for the help !


It’s not bad as they are training. If you want to control serious people then apply for IFATC for the expert server. 👍🏻

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The issue was that because of a runway change, I instructed the pilot to taxi to the good runway but he didn’t want to lose time and took off without clearance. But 10 minutes later, the pilot started spamming 17 times that he was going around while being at 25,000ft. Too bad then…

You can’t do nothing except ignoring and say to him frequency change approved.
It can be annoying i know but it’s the training server.

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Hi! We are always looking at ways to address this issue, and in the near future we may look to make changes to address TS education and pilot issues.

For now, we don’t take action on individual cases. If there is a repeat offender we can, if needed, take certain actions that will help. If this is ever needed please let us know.