Reporting / Ghosting an Aircraft on Training Server

Good Evening!
I am currently controlling KJFK and I have had 2 aircraft that have not listened to me whatsoever. Its getting annoying when there is an F-16 or whatever, who is going 1200 knots and right over the airport.
Is there any way to report them, or anything like that?


  • Julian

Nope unfortunately you have to deal with those willing to listen. The training server is there to learn so reporting dissent happen, only in extreme circumstances. I hope this helps.


Alright, I appreciate it.

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The only reason a moderator would ghost someone on Training server is if an aircraft is:

  • Purposely Trolling (Flying through others, excessive spamming of frequency, etc)

And what I would need to record the individual doing it to get sufficient evidence?

If it was extreme, like an aircraft flying through everyone, circling around and doing it again, and again, and again, then I would share the replay with a Moderator


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