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So I was on final for RWY 24L at KLAX today, cleared for number 1 by the tower (Southwest 737 in photos). Another user without clearance decided to land right on top of me. Granted it was on the training server but come on. Common sense?

Anyway, I clicked on the user in the map and then the “Report” button. I’m just curious if that actually does anything. Is there anyone actually looking at the user reports and taking action on them?


Unfortunately it’s training server so there’s not much you can do. Fly on expert server if you want more realism.
The report button is disabled apart from mods, staff and a few IFATC due to people abusing it.


Unfortunately, report button has long been disabled. User-based (Pilot-based) report is only effective only when moderators/developers ghost him/her


Ok thanks for the replies. I won’t bother next time. Only reason I fly on the training server is because KSFO and KLAX almost always have live ATC and the large amount of traffic between the two airports makes the experience more enjoyable.

If this is Training server, this should be expected. If this was the Expert server, (a) the report button won’t work for you and (b) IFATC would probably have reported them.

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Why do we still have the report button if it doesn’t do anything for us standard pilots?

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It doesn’t do anything for you. Others (mods, staff, higher-ups within IFATC) do have a functional report button. :)

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