Reporting feature: „Warning“ option ⚠️ for ATC

Hey IFC,

Being a controller for more than 2 years on the Expert Server I was thinking of an additional feature for the reporting function:
I often experienced situations where a pilot violated an Expert Server rule. Actually the only option given at hand for ATC is: „check the user guide“, follow instructions (1), follow instructions or getting reported (2), report/ghost as a last resort (3). Out of my experience there is a lack of information provided for the pilot what he’s actually doing wrong. Assuming the behavior is unintentional.

My idea:
An additional button in the reporting menu where the controller in charge is able to issue a first warning to the pilot instead of directly reporting him.

(This is what the ATC sees)
Followed by a notification on the pilots screen.

(Pilot Screen. I’ve chosen 5 secs as a countdown to either react or leave the game)

Why is this beneficial:

  • If there is no real conflict happening, a warning with a reason provided helps the pilot to learn and improve. It’s always better to provide feedback on what went wrong before a penalty is given.

  • It will also reduce the appeals teams workload

  • Hopefully less anger on both sides, ATC and Pilots

What do you guys think?
Votes and Feedback highly appreciated.


Now this is a good idea and something I could get behind. Voted! (Also make sure to vote for your own feature request!)


Good idea :) voted :)


Always miss to vote for my own request, thanks.


Thank you guys. Let’s reduce ATC violations and make ES a better place!


very good idea! voted :D


Lol, I really like this idea.


Thx a lot Luu!


I really like this idea, I’ve been ghosted many times before and its not fun, i would really like to have this


Thank you. I hope it will reduce the ghost rate noticeably. However, ghosting would still be possible a ATC discretion.


yea, it would benefit us who are trying to rank up, also if it had an alarm or something that was annoying then it could help if were doing something else and hear it to get back as fast as possible rather than loosing all of the flight time

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Excellent idea! You’ve got my vote! :)

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I had a spare vote to get you to 20, great idea!

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Voted! I think it would also be good to do this with the check user guide, so you could give something specific.
Great idea


5 seconds may be a bit short for reaction time (Somethin such as turning or slowing down cant be immediate), but otherwise a good idea. I have ran out of votes, but if any clear up, Id certainly go for this


Thx Daniel, appreciate it!

Yup, you’re right. I think this something being fine tuned in the end. It is just a proposal to convey the idea. Thanks for voting!

This is more advanced. I see a problem here: there’s no time for the controller to search the specific chapter. Keep in mind he’s still controlling.

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Excellent idea! Ends up with the pilot seeking to know and further improve his flight based on the ATC call for attention specifying where he is making mistakes.

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All about learning and improving. :)
Thx for your feedback!

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