Reporting Expert ATC

I want to know how to report controllers who abuse their powers. I just flew from KPHL-KBOS and flight planned for 15R. The weather was IFR most of the flight, and upon reaching 30 miles out, I checked the ATIS and it said landing 15L/R, and 22L/R. The controller tried giving me 22L and I asked for 15R as planned three times. I was ghosted and lost my Grade 5 level, it isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sick of it.

Pilots have the final authority, not controllers. I was not posing a safety of flight issue to my aircraft or any others on approach or departure.

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Actually ATC has final say. You can’t land on a runway they don’t want u landing on otherwise you will be ghosted as you did. Next time, listen to atc. Be flexible with your flight plan as it doesn’t mean that is where you will go.

ATC demand>Flight plan. If they tell you to turn a heading off your flight plan. Do it, or just face the consequences. I’m ifatc so pm me if you have anymore questions :)


And please, calling anyone names will get you no where


The thing is if pilots don’t follow controllers authority then everyone doesn’t which then is unrealistic and ruins the fun for everyone. In future just listen to ATC its much easier and you don’t have to waste 7 days on ES


your FPL means nothing, you MUST follow instructions given by ATC.


You asked for it three times, your misunderstanding that you have final say over a controller has resulted in the consequence of you being ghosted…

If you want to appeal, contact the controller directly and add a moderator into the message. I fear your attitude may not render any support for your views however.

For you I have flagged the topic so that a moderator can assist you better.


If I knew how to message the controller, I would. His name was Christian/Cristian or something like that. There was no reason he could not give me my requested runway, he was just being difficult. It’s his job to give the pilots their requests.

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ATC has priority over Pilots because of traffic. It would be impossible to accommodate everyone with the amount of traffic they receive. And please, can you talk more appropriately? I understand that you are frustrated and iterated (trust me, I have been in the same position as you), but expressing your frustration in a hurtful way will get you no where


Grade 5? You talk like novice. You have by now know the procedure. The ATC has very good reason to vector to that runway. No matter what the ATIS says ATC has the final say.


No, it isn’t ATCs’ job to bow down to the requests of pilots. In IF with IFATC, they have the final say, or you will be ghosted for not following instructions.


Please discuss this with @Cristian_Gonzalez, he will be able to help


Please PM the controller @Cristian_Gonzalez for further explanation.