Reporting Controlers

Hello buds, is there any way to report Atc controllers on expert server? If no let me know I will prob. make a feature page

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There is no way to report a controller in the app. However you can kindly pm them and talk about what happened.

I just want to add that all controllers on expert server are trained and have to pass tests. They are also constantly monitored by supervisors to ensure they’re maintaining quality service.


Just like pilots, there are times when even the best controllers make mistakes. A busy airspace with one or more pilots not following instructions can drastically add to work load, and make it extremely difficult to sequence a long line of landings as well as keep ground traffic moving and separated.

As a pilot, always make sure to follow instructions correctly (and know what the instructions mean). This is extremely helpful for controllers, and will help them keep the airspace flowing.

No need to post a feature request. Just PM the controller to discuss as mentioned above.


Secretly spawning at their airports with different callsigns? #indisguise

Who knows 👀…

Nah even as simple as coming for some patterns. Quality of service is the same for everyone!

Also if you notice something that is definitely wrong, you can contact a mod and they will evaluate the case. If needed actions are taken in regards of the controller.

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They’re known to do that, yes.


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