Reporting ATC

So today I was at Hong Kong Intl, but I got very angry when I had to spam requests for pushback because the ATC wasn’t responding. Is there anyway that I could report this?


I believe the controller was experiencing connection issues which likely distrupted your service. The controller was @Irfan_Adikurniawan if you’d like to reach out personally.

Apologies for the poor service!


Hey 👋 (Glad to see you’re back after awhile)

So unfortunately I do believe that you cannot report the controller from my experience… But, I’m sure if you contacted the controller then there might be an answer of to why you had troubles on frequency. (This is what I would do, others are welcome to correct me if I’m wrong 😉)

Tysm Kyle! Yes it was that person.

Yes it’s me

I just got bug, i can hear the requests but there is no sign

Oh ok then. Its fine.

Also, please don’t spam requests. One every few minutes is fine.


As a controller for the IFATC (especially at a busy class Bravo), we try to do the best we can to maintain efficiency and try not to make mistakes. However, when something does come up, it is stressful for the controller since they have to worry about that issue, and many more factors. I know you were very confused and frustrated, which is totally valid! However during a situation like this, I would recommend these options:

  1. It would be best to hold position and ONLY send one message, and if the controller does not respond within about a minute or two, send another one.

If the first option does not work and you still do not hear from the controller move to step 2

  1. Try to contact the controller via the IFC and only send a quick PM to check in if everything is alright. Don’t send multiple or really long messages since the controller probably won’t have time to read it all or it could distract them to much.

If step 2 is unsuccessful then move to step 3

  1. By this step it is very likely the controller would be in contact with other controllers on our IFATC server, and coordinating the logistics of the conflict. **The only thing you need to do is hold position and chill where you are. If you are on an active runway I would recommend exiting and waiting on the ramp (just in case there is a aircraft(s) on final.

I guess the point I am trying to make which a lot have summed it up pretty good, is that the best thing for you to do is stay put, and maybe reach out to the controller if it persists. We try to at the IFATC to be as proactive and attentive so issues like these can be resolved pretty quickly.

If any other controllers want to touch on something I didn’t feel free to do so.



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I have also had an issue with a controller at VHHH, the controller is called Bamspeedy. Can someone tag him for me? I dont know his IFC username, not had a great experience with him and would like to find out what actually happened

@Bamspeedy is probably the one you’re looking for

Thank you :)

Just FYI, the controllers name will also be their IFC name.

Never knew that, thank you :)