Reporting ATC

I’d like to report the ATC controller and ask that the violation be withdrawn. I’m flying the F-22 and landing the first ILS approach ATC requested me reducing to lowest speed and after doing so on an F-22 he continues to send the same request and say that I need to follow instructions or I will be ghosted, then I’m told to do a missed approach with a 4% remaining fuel. If I go lower than 145 and full flaps I will gain high decesnt speed and mights crash on a hard landing and risking a tail strike. I do the missed approach and again on the ILS approach he requests the same to maintain lowest practical speed while I’m flying at 145 knots which is insane with 15 knots head wind. Upon touch down the an aircraft is taking off but I manage to land behind it with not having any contact. This is the ATC mistake for not managing the approach while knowing I called for emergency low fuel…

I kindly ask this matter to be looked at. Attached is the ATC details. Thank you.

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Hello, please PM the controller (in this case @Zachary_Naponic) and add @appeals if needed. Thanks

Flagged this scince it was cleared and responded

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You need to contact the controller directly by DM to @Zachary_Naponic, please don’t call people out in public. There will have been a very good reason for the report, but if you disagree with it you can include @appeals in the DM.

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DM him saying why he reported you